Frugal Traveler Tips

No matter what age you are or where you come from, one thing is certain- people love to travel. I think it’s in human’s nature to travel, to discover and to experience. Many people say that the secret of happiness is not what you possess or build, it’s what you experience in life. There’s no better way to have great and memorable experiences than to travel to new and completely different places, check out other cultures and sample other people’s way of living. Read more

Frugal Fitness Tips

 If you are thinking of getting fit and having great, healthy looking body, but you are not working out because you can’t afford a gym membership- then you’re thinking wrong. Having a great body, a healthy life and an active lifestyle is not about attending a gym. In fact, many people use their reduced financial capabilities as an excuse for not working out. If you do that too, now is the time to stop! We will help you achieve the body you dreamed off without needing to attend an expensive gym. Here are the five most important tips for frugal fitness. Read more

5 Awesome Green Jobs

Even if it might seem that the problems with the environment are getting worse, it’s nothing like that really. The problems were always there, we just start to see them now because we have become more conscious about nature and we have finally decided that the time to do something about it has come. If you want to help in keeping Earth a clean and safe place for the next generations, but you don’t have the option of becoming an activist, you can organize your whole life in a way that will protect nature and affect the environment as little as possible. Read more