BlasTac Blast Blankets and curtain protect workers in hazardous occupations. The products shield workers from shrapnel and debris in explosions from bombs, gas leaks, equipment failure or other dangerous conditions in the work environment. The impact-resistance blankets can be thrown over bombs to prevent shrapnel from bursting into the area, or can be used as protective gear when workers are in a dangerous environment.

A wide variety of industries and occupations use these products. SWAT teams, firefighters, oil and gas workers, and bomb defusing experts are examples of people who are at risk of being seriously injured or killed by flying debris. Armored vehicles sometimes are attacked by robbers who use bombs to break in, putting drivers at substantial risk.

Military personnel also use the blankets in various scenarios, such as when using explosive equipment to break into buildings or to shield themselves from grenades or other explosive devices. The materials can be placed over windows and doors in war zones or during attacks to protect people inside. Depending on the product, they can block projectiles fired at windows and doors.

The blankets are available in a broad range of sizes and weight, as well as levels of blast protection ratings. In addition to being impact-resistant, they are fire-resistant and block chemicals. The chemical-resistant quality makes them useful in work environments where hazardous chemicals may breach a safety zone or where chemicals may be used in an attack. SWAT teams commonly use bullet-proof vests, but in some environments, individuals need to wear a ballistic-proof blanket to cover their entire bodies.

Some are relatively lightweight, intended to be portable and carried with workers. Others remain in one place. Blast curtains may be set up in a semi-permanent location where explosions are a risk. They can be used not only to protect people but to shield equipment from potential attacks or accidental explosions. Some industries use the products during testing, such as covering a pressure valve when it is being tested for strength and capacity. The materials that the blankets and curtains are made of can be more effective than steel or other metal for many purposes, and the portability is a significant advantage over metal.

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