Many small business owners today are thinking of buying laser engraving machines. Because today’s laser engravers can provide such an impressive level of service at affordable prices, this can make excellent sense.

With the investments required still being fairly significant by the standards of many smaller companies, however, making a mistake can be costly. As those who follow Boss Lasers on Twitter will see, however, there are good ways of making sure every related decision will be the right one.

Two Common Options When It Comes to Carbon Dioxide Laser Tubes

While there are many ways of producing the effect that characterizes lasers in general, most engravers that use this technology today rely on a single, amply proven approach. Equipped with laser tubes that are filled with the common gas carbon dioxide, they excite this medium to stimulate the emission of light which can then be focused as desired.

There are two basic ways of doing so, each of which has its own particular advantages. Small business owners thinking of buying their own laser engraving equipment inevitably do well to understand what each has to offer.

The Benefits of Using Direct Current to Stimulate Light Emission

The most affordable carbon dioxide laser tubes tend to make use of direct electric current to stimulate the gas they contain. The gain and light emission that results can easily provide fifty or more watts of engraving power, a level that is suitable for many different applications.

Tubes of this design can cost as little as one-tenth what those based on the other common technology regularly do. At the detail levels most typical of engraving, they also produce a quality of output that can be a match for the competition, as well.

Tubes That Employ Radio Frequency Radiation Have Their Advantages, Too

The other commonly available option is a tube that instead makes use of radio frequency energy to induce the emission of light from carbon dioxide. Tubes like these will normally cost at least several times as much as those that make use of direct current, but will also provide several times as much service, as well.

In addition, the more finely focused output that is typical of such tubes can allow for greater engraving detail. Business owners thinking of acquiring their own laser engraving equipment will therefore want to weight the pros and cons of each option.

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